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Authors’ response to Unjournal evaluations of "Legalizing Entrepreneurship"

Published onJun 11, 2024
Authors’ response to Unjournal evaluations of "Legalizing Entrepreneurship"

We thank the editor and reviewers for their thoughtful and constructive feedback, which we will incorporate as we revise the paper. Because one topic came up in both reviews, we wanted to offer a reply.

2. According to the panel data approach and the results in Figure 6, the statistically significant effect on firm creation happened until 2022, with a slight increase in 2021. So, what happened with these immigrants between 2018 and 2021?

In short, we suspect that starting a business takes some time. Entrepreneurs must become familiar with their customers, potential suppliers, or possibly identify real estate and/or other supplies. In some cases, borrowing money could require a credit history with the bank that has to be established. For some types of businesses, licensing may be necessary. For these reasons, immigrants establishing new businesses would need time to set them up.

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